Friday, 4 July 2008

Reasons for and against (censorship of video games)

Censorship of video games

Reasons for:
· We need to protect our children against the exposer to violence.
· Computer games like GTA could be responsible for the rise in knife crime due the fact that it shows too much knife crime.
· Lots of scientific studies show that people can become more violent if they see violent media.

censorship is needed so that young children are not exposed to content that could harm them or be damaging.In 1990's there was a famous case in which the child Jamie Bulger was murdered by two young boys who had apparently copied the video nasty film 'childs play three' this lead to tougher censorship laws.

Reasons against:
· Don’t we need freedom of speech?
· Surely we can make up our own minds on what we should watch
· Use’s and gratifications theory

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MrSloan said...

Nice work Sarah a very detailed intro , i would like to see you expand on each of the points you made in the argument section. Give an example or some evidence to back up your point. Good stuff. 14 / 24